Polynesian Dancers

Grace Hula Dance has two classifications of professional Polynesian dancers. The first, Tiare Dancers, are a group of flourishing performers that aspire to become part of the second group: the Wahine Dancers. Please click on the links below for more information.

The Wahine Dancers are the seasoned performers in the Grace Hula Dance Company. Among these talented dancers are a few alaka’i hula, or hula leaders and instructors, that provide assistance with some of Grace Kalake’s classes. A Wahine Dancer is not only a performer, but a nurturing tutor to all haumâna at this school.

Graduated Tiare Dancers have performed in many shows as trainees under these select individuals in order to become a part of this Grace Hula Dance professional division.

Ku’ukonei has been dancing the hula since she was able to walk. She is the youngest member of the performing group but never fails to wow the audience with her expertise in ori tahiti. At a very young age, she was already able to perform professionally within DFW metroplex area and out of State shows. She participates in numerous hula and Tahitian workshops to be a well rounded hula dancer.

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Kiliki is the poi ball dancer of the group. She is also one of Kalake’s assistants or alaka’i. Her first exposure to hula was when she lived in Hawaii as a child. She became fascinated by the culture and especially hula. She joined the Grace Hula Dance Class 2 ½ years ago and was once more entranced by the beauty and grace of the dance.

“I enjoy pushing myself to become more graceful, to move faster and make the audience shout with enthusiasm, but the best part of hula is sharing the spirit of Aloha with everyone!”

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Kikolani joined Grace Hula Dance Company 4 years ago and was admitted to the Grace Wahine Dancers Professional group 2 years after. When she first came to know how hula tells stories by hand motion years ago, she was so fascinated. What she remembered on her first class was her fascination of Grace’s graceful movement. Hula makes her smile, and brings happy faces to the audience when we perform.

“Performing at retirement facilities, is most rewarding to me.”

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Mikomai has been with the Grace Hula Dance Company for 4 ½ years now. She’s also a belly dancer and had come to love hula and Tahitian dance more because of it’s gracefulness and beauty. Mikomai had been accepted to the professional group for a year now and performed numerous shows both within the DFW metroplex area and out of town shows .

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Ke’ala has been dancing since she was a little girl and has watched Auntie Grace’s performances since she was the age of 8. She didn’t join until 6 years ago where she performed for the very first time. Since then, she’s been very eager to turn her training into flawless performance and tries to do as much as she can to spread the spirit of Hawaii to others. She loves performing for others and always has the “Aloha” smile on her face no matter what.

“I love hula and am very grateful that it is a part of my life. If I didn’t dance for GHD, I’m not very sure where I’d be.”

Pamila became interested in Polynesian dancing when she went to watch Germaine’s Luau for the first time in Hawaii, and since then she has been dancing for almost 5 years. After moving to Texas from Las Vegas, she found the Grace Hula Dance Company and has been under the instruction of Aunty Grace for about a year.

“I love it because what we do is unique and we have the privilege to entertain many people. Grace Hula Dance is truly my second ‘ohana’.”

Hula had been absent from Mia’lei’s life for a while since she first took lessons while growing up. She visited Hawaii several times and hula began to spark an interest within her again while watching the hula dancers at numerous luaus. Under the instruction of Grace Kalake, Mia’lei was amazed that she was still able to dance since her last hula lesson years ago. She has now been dancing with GHD for one and a half years.

“It brings back memories dancing with Grace Kalake. This journey has made me realize that I can show the spirit of Aloha through dancing.”